June 30, 2015

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Skeletor and He Man featured in new Honda TV ad

Car maker, Honda, is appealing to the 30 something crowd to buy their cars by featuring the two biggest stars from Eternia. Skeletor raps in this... it's pretty cool actually!           … [Read More...]

guardian_of_grayskull_by_scebiqu-d4m6vfn_front pg_thumb

Assorted Filmation fan art

A fun set of Filmation fan art. These were all found on deviantart.com … [Read More...]


Follow Filmation.Org on social media

We're carrying the Filmation conversation to social media also. Make sure to follow, like and subscribe to get our latest posts. twitter facebook reddit … [Read More...]


Watch He-Man episode “Evilseed” here for free

Watch the highly rated He-Man episode "Evilseed" here for free. Video courtesy of the "Official He-Man Channel", where James Eatock aka Bustatoons has hand selected a playslist of the top 30 episodes from the show.   … [Read More...]